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Welcome to Ohio Barefoot Horse Trimming

There are many names and methods of the Natural Barefoot Trimming Method. To what really matter is having a sound horse which translates into good relationship your horse.  

The statement No Hoof No Horse could not be truer. Without sound and healthy hooves your horse will not benefit from a healthy life style in which it is free to graze, run and just be a horse.

Many of the lameness issues start with the hooves. Without properly balanced hooves problems such as over grown toes and high heel runs the danger of becoming Tendon, Suspensory Ligament Damage Navicular Disease, Navicular Syndrome and Laminitis.  

Is the natural barefoot trimming right for you and your horse?

                                              Does your horse suffer fromů
                                                Broken or chipped hooves
                                                Navicular Disease
                                                Navicular Syndrome
                                                Caudal Heel pain

If any of those problems sound familiar, natural barefoot trimming may be a solution.

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