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My name is Rodger Pyle. I started hoof trimming out of necessity rather than occupation. My wife and I own two beautiful Appaloosa horses that were in bad need of quality hoof care. After going through bouts of laminitis, navicular syndrome, thin soles underdeveloped lateral cartilages and trying several different farriers and basically getting no where, I decided to take this on myself.

I apprenticed under a natural barefoot trimmer out of Pennsylvania, Cherie Commessier and attended classes from Penzance Equine Educational Center taught by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate.

Service offered:

  • Natural Barefoot Hoof Trimming (Wild Mustang Model) in Columbus,Ohio and surrounding areas.                                            

As apart of natural hoof care I also practice natural horsemanship training. I studied under Ivonne Gutierrez’s Easy Step Horsemanship Program.

|Horse Training Service:

  • Ground Control Training (Ground Manners)
  • Starting new horses under saddle.
  • Behavior Issues.
  • Trailer Loading

Links and More Information 

There have been many articles written and websites already created with excellent information on the natural barefoot trimming method. I encourage you to visit any of the websites listed and learn as much as possible about the benefits of the natural barefoot trimming method.

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